The recent auto enrolment legislation is placing a potentially vast administrative burden onto employers as government seeks to off-load its responsibilities for retirement savings to them. Frequent legislative changes simply make this worse and threaten to make the long-term position unsustainable.

SBC’s view is that the industry urgently has to find lower cost, more efficient solutions using the kind of industrial strength technology that has built SBC’s reputation.

Typical Business Problems: SBC Solutions
  • New, complicated and frequently changing legislation
  • Challenging duties placed upon employers
  • New market challenges and opportunities for providers and intermediaries
  • Complicated employee eligibility
  • Extensive data capture and regulatory reporting obligations
  • Downstream impact for payroll and other systems
  • Updated to reflect latest changes to legislation
  • Eligibility based rules automatically determining enrolment outcomes
  • Seamless, automated integration with third party systems
  • Straight through processing of pensions processes
  • Data review and cleansing at source with extensive automated validation
  • Integrated MI and reporting
  • Supports pension provider, intermediary and corporate business needs

SBC’s software solutions all share the same distinctive characteristics:

  • they all support “end-to-end” straight through processing
  • they are all designed to handle the most complex structures, with multiple companies, currencies etc.
  • they all use the most powerful tools that enable rapid start-up and maximum flexibility

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