The employee’s experience of accessing their reward and benefits package is typically antediluvian by today‚Äôs internet-enabled standards. Multiple sources, multiple passwords, multiple processes are the order of the day.

SBC’s view is that the employee benefits interface should be as easy to use as other contemporary on-line market places. The experience should be so good that it provides employees with a positive incentive to engage, whilst reducing the administration and costs incurred by the employer.

Typical Business Problems: SBC Solutions
  • Benefits provided through multiple sources
  • Several online websites to use
  • Multiple passwords to remember
  • Difficult to get a single picture of reward
  • Changes often need to happen in several places
  • Disincentive for employees to engage with their benefits
  • Single employee hub portal for all reward elements
  • Overview of reward and benefits visible in this single portal
  • Seamless integration with third party systems
  • Single Sign On and security management ensures multiple logins not required
  • Highly engaging as well as high functionality hubs incentivise employees to visit and return

SBC’s software solutions all share the same distinctive characteristics:

  • they all support “end-to-end” straight through processing
  • they are all designed to handle the most complex structures, with multiple companies, currencies etc.
  • they all use the most powerful tools that enable rapid start-up and maximum flexibility

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