Employees’ expectations are rising all the time. They increasingly want better, more flexible, more accessible benefits packages. On the one hand, this has become critical to employee attraction and retention. On the other, HR departments and their providers struggle to keep up with the demands.

SBC’s view is that it is possible to provide the kind of choice and accessibility employees demand, without adding to the administrative burden.

Typical Business Problems: SBC Solutions
  • Traditional reward schemes no longer meet employee expectations
  • Established benefit plans often expensive and seen as irrelevant to large sections of the workforce
  • Recruitment and retention negatively impacted
  • Economic and tax pressures on employees raising focus on non-cash rewards ”benefits“
  • Alternative flex software
  • Engaging employee and employer portals
  • Decision making tools and modellers to help employees
  • Can accommodate any benefit or type of scheme
  • Enables tax and NI savings through salary sacrifice
  • Enhances recruitment and retention
  • Delivers benefits of flexibility and engagement without adding to administrative burden of HR/Reward teams

SBC’s software solutions all share the same distinctive characteristics:

  • they all support “end-to-end” straight through processing
  • they are all designed to handle the most complex structures, with multiple companies, currencies etc.
  • they all use the most powerful tools that enable rapid start-up and maximum flexibility

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