The administrative inefficiencies built into many pensions/benefits systems are often hidden and represent a significant tax on the business. Frequently, they are covered up by manual, paper-based processes that are both inefficient and ineffective.

SBC’s view is that the world has moved on and it’s time for pension/benefits administration to move on too.

Typical Business Problems: SBC Solutions
  • Inefficient, manually intensive, error prone processes
  • Slow paper based administration
  • Complex multi-divisional org structures increasingly common
  • Existing software incapable of handling volumes or complexity
  • Benefits not easily visible to the employee or valued by him/her
  • Automated one-touch solutions
  • Online transactions & document handling
  • Powerful rules engine and workflow
  • Flexible architecture accommodating any required structure i.e. country, legal entity, business unit, department, etc.
  • Unrestricted, seamless integration to existing systems (in-house and third party)
  • Configured using unique Benefits Workstation tool
  • Engaging employee portals
  • Online modelling, decision making tools & animated videos when required

SBC’s software solutions all share the same distinctive characteristics:

  • they all support “end-to-end” straight through processing
  • they are all designed to handle the most complex structures, with multiple companies, currencies etc.
  • they all use the most powerful tools that enable rapid start-up and maximum flexibility

SBC - because it’s time for better