Many companies continue to work with out-dated and poorly integrated systems that fail to give employees a full and easily accessible picture of their overall reward and benefits package. And many such systems require frequent manual intervention to update.

SBC’s view is that everything should be combined in one fully automated system that allows employees to access the full picture at the touch of a button.

Typical Business Problems: SBC Solutions
  • Lack of awareness and understanding amongst employees of employer funded benefits
  • Negatively impacting retention and engagement among workforce
  • Reducing the value of employer benefit spend
  • Increasing number of calls HR/Reward have to deal with to explain benefits
  • Increasing employee focus on basic pay when this is under pressure
  • Many reward statements in the market require a significant admin overhead and manual periodic update
  • Online TRS with all reward elements featured
  • Every benefit and type of benefit catered for
  • Provide visibility to employer spend
  • Help employees understand available benefits
  • Put benefits and pay into overall reward statement
  • Seamlessly integrated with existing systems, including HR, payroll and providers

SBC’s software solutions all share the same distinctive characteristics:

  • they all support “end-to-end” straight through processing
  • they are all designed to handle the most complex structures, with multiple companies, currencies etc.
  • they all use the most powerful tools that enable rapid start-up and maximum flexibility

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