What Our Clients Are Saying

Thoroughly Impressed

"We have been thoroughly impressed by SBC’s level and speed of responsiveness during our initial implementation as well as during our ongoing support. Our conversion went smoothly due to the highly skilled implementation team at SBC. They were able to guide us through the conversion with clear project plans and attention to detail. The implementation team in particular was able to help us as a client see the impact of our decisions before we made them and asked us the important questions that we needed to answer in order to have the most comprehensive system possible. "
Pension Consultant, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

The Lifeworks System

Lifeworks is a software platform that manages the full range of pension and benefit administration for employees, administrators, managers and third parties.  It covers defined benefit and defined contribution pensions, flexible benefits, full auto-enrollment management, and Billing and Self-Service.

Our self-service solutions fully empower all parties to carry out the activities they require. Through full process automation, our system integrates with outside vendors and links your Benefits, HR, Accounting and Payroll departments, thereby simplifying benefits management and lowering your operating costs.

Lifeworks is available through a Software as a Service subscription, or via selected outsourcers, or as installed option, hosted on either client servers, a third party or SBC’s own servers.

Work With Accuracy

Lifeworks is governed by a parameterised rules engine. We simply configure individual rules to fit your needs. This design ensures that your plans are administered correctly and your data is accurate. When your plans grow and change, our system grows along with you.

Work Smarter & Faster

Your employees, managers and local benefit representatives can use the system to track benefits, enroll, manage life events, update contact information and model retirement scenarios.

Work With Ease

Clients love Lifeworks because using it is simple and intuitive. We take the complexity out of managing benefits and HR issues, for you and your participants. With Lifeworks, you spend less time and money on administration, so you can focus on the rest of your job.