What Our Clients Are Saying

Thoroughly Impressed

"We have been thoroughly impressed by SBC’s level and speed of responsiveness during our initial implementation as well as during our ongoing support. Our conversion went smoothly due to the highly skilled implementation team at SBC. They were able to guide us through the conversion with clear project plans and attention to detail. The implementation team in particular was able to help us as a client see the impact of our decisions before we made them and asked us the important questions that we needed to answer in order to have the most comprehensive system possible. "
Pension Consultant, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Technology Overview

SBC Systems delivers technology you can trust. Our software is powered by Microsoft .Net technology and is specifically engineered to handle the complicated, data-intensive needs of benefits administration. In fact, SBC is an active member of the Microsoft Independent Software Vendor Partner program in recognition of our expertise and innovations.

Take Advantage of Our Flexibility

Our software can be easily integrated with other systems, including ERP packages, legacy mainframe systems and existing payroll programs.

Grow With Us

Using Microsoft’s .Net operating system allows for additional servers to be added, resulting in greater computing power. The operating system manages the load balancing for the presentation and application servers to ensure optimum throughput. Our system is scalable and has an unlimited capacity to grow and change as your organisation does.

Depend on Our Performance

We optimise performance by taking advantage of multi-threading concurrent processing and object-oriented application design.

Avoid Costly Customisation

Our software is configured to reduce your cost of deployment. You avoid expensive and difficult to maintain customisation because everything is parameter-driven rather than hard-coded. That means our software can easily adapt to your plan provisions at implementation and going forward.

Rely on Our Rules Engine

By using the same rules engine across multiple users and processes, data is managed with consistency and accuracy. You can change benefit plan specifications without having to invest in new programs or implementation - all you have to do is apply new rules. You make a change once and it is automatically applied to all systems including self-service. SBC changes the rule, not the client.