Rewarder Platform

Increases profitability. Enhances employee engagement. Reduces processing errors. Improves service quality

Rewarder Platform
Say hello to Rewarder Platform. Our industry leading reward data management platform can help you deliver your reward and benefits strategy. Its highly engaging employee reward portals are underpinned by features that handle complexity, manage costs down and allow you to fully utilise the power of your I.T. systems


A concern for many business leaders when changing or adding new systems is “what does this mean for my existing I.T. estate”? Rewarder Platform allows you to retain and extend the usefulness of the platforms that currently work for you by exchanging data with them in their own native formats. We can help remove points of failure in your data process, reduce instances of human error and deliver true scalability. Ask us how.

Cost Reduction and Control

Few businesses truly appreciate the impact data management has on costs but when added up, time spent on avoidable tasks such as cleansing, reformatting, uploading and correcting errors can be a serious distraction and unaccounted cost. Rewarder Platform can take away these onerous, manual tasks with deep automation and integration. Freeing up your teams from low value, cost centre roles and enabling them to add greater value to your business.


With Rewarder Platform you can experience a system that will deliver personalised and highly engaging employee portals. It will also give the expected outcomes you are looking for, time after time, even for the largest of workforces. Rewarder Platform has been built from the ground up to handle complexity and scale without reverting to manual intervention and by doing so removes the potential for human error. Talk to us to see how we can help you too.