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Rewarder Platform

; a legacy of success

In 2001 we started helping firms in the UK deliver some of the largest and most challenging benefit schemes in the country. Since then we have been listening to our clients tell us what they want from a reward data management system and why Rewarder Platform best meets their needs. We believe that listening to our clients helps us make better solutions. Here are a few of the ways our technology could help you:


Running a reward scheme can involve the coordination of many moving parts, all exchanging data, requiring administration and impacting the quality of outcomes to your stakeholders. Rewarder Platform can bring all those elements together under your control, whether you are managing a number of different schemes under a single umbrella or even multiple schemes for your own clients, all while providing engaging and functionally rich portals for your employees.


Employee reward schemes often require repeated manual interventions to keep them running. Data is entered multiple times on different systems and gathered by different means, including paper based ones, which need reformatting or other remediation for further processing. Rewarder Platform can take away this inefficiency by providing a single platform that automates manual tasks and seamlessly exchanges data with your other systems. Less cost, higher quality and more time to focus on the tasks that matter; that’s the Rewarder way.


Your reward strategy may need to be highly complex to help you succeed as a business but that does not mean that your reward platform has to make administering it difficult. Built from the ground up to tackle scale and complexity, see how Rewarder Platform takes the pain away from benefits administration.
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