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Our Propositions
For service providers requiring cost effective market differentiation.
Pre-built Asset Pre-built Asset Pre-built Asset Your Solution DifferentiationCapability Speed-To-Market OperationalFlexibility EcosystemIntegration Our Technology
white-arrow Differentiation Capability
  • Functionality can be turned on or off to align with partner and/or end client needs
  • Changes achieved by leveraging pre-built assets, self-service onboarding and platform configuration
white-arrow Operational Flexibility
  • Full range of hosting options from in-house, through third party or private cloud
  • Commercial and infrastructure arrangements to support a partner’s evolving business strategy
white-arrow Ecosystem Integration
  • An interoperable API - enabling integration with a partner-supplied or a 3rd party presentation layer
  • In-built platform configuration allows fast deployment of new functionality and integration with existing technology ecosystems
white-arrow Speed-To-Market
  • Pre-built assets that can be easily integrated into a partner’s existing technology ecosystem
  • A configurable rules engine allowing new functionality to be added quickly to establish a desired proposition
For unique solutions configured to your requirements.
Process Efficiency through Integration Optimise Business Model Enterprise-Class Rules Engine Cost-Effective Customisation Our Technology
white-arrow Enterprise-Class Rules Engine
  • An enterprise-class rules engine with demonstrable scalability
  • Built using .NET framework with SQL backend delivers performance and resilience that this technology offers
white-arrow Optimise Business Model
  • Self-service configuration available providing greater ownership and control
  • A single solution that can support multinational clients with local and centralised management requirements
white-arrow Cost-Effective Customisation
  • Cost-effective solutions that meet unique, complex needs
  • A highly configurable rules engine that delivers innovative outcomes without the high costs associated with bespoke coding
  • Low cost of ownership assured through comprehensive levels of process automation and system integration
white-arrow Process Efficiency through Integration
  • Capable of supporting a wide range of integration options from API to flat files ensures seamless integration with your existing technology ecosystem