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Our Technologies

We can architect a solution reflecting your unique requirements and can work with you to leverage our skills and pre-built assets to construct a cost effective answer to your needs.

Regardless of partner modifications, Rewarder Platform upgrades and updates will be seamlessly delivered to existing partner and end-client solutions.
Definition phases balance business and non-functional requirements. Rapid iterations maintain quality and stability, in addition to agility. Fully Documented solutions for a richer User Experience. Constant evaluation of our technology stack; slipstream updates and improvements, enable us to deliver technol-ogy solutions for our Partners that are…
secure Secure
Extensible secure
secure Interoperable
Robust secure
fast Fast
Portable portable
scalable Scalable
Adaptable adaptable
Fully customisable rules engine to meet partner’s and/or end clients’ complex and/or unique benefits or workflow requirements. Capability to provide all the standard functionality of a Reward Admin solution including communication tools, Total Reward Statements, Absence Planner, and personalisation of front end. Technology is extensively used in the USA.

This Rewarder Rules Engine technology is used to provide a Pensions Auto enrolment platform for a major workplace pensions provider - including assessments and legislative communications.

Case Study
.NET extension to the Rewarder Rules Engine that delivers more cost-effective out-of-the-box solutions. Capability to work with a wide range of integration requirements for the partner’s existing tech eco-system including integration into a partner or end-client front end.

This solution is suppplied to a
Tier 1 Employee Benefits
Consultancy in the UK

Benefit offerings managed
SMEOver 70 SMEs
lives20,000 lives covered
Case Study
A REST or Web services API layer offers a decoupled interface to data and/or functionality of one or more applications. It provides a common, language-agnostic way of interacting with an application. We have a fully documented API layer that gives our Partners the ability to attach to a different front end including different page flow/content/layout which cannot be achieved through theming alone.
SBC Systems, in partnership with our associate company B2E Consulting, provide Intelligent Automation solutions. Whether you are new to automation or already on your way, we have the experience and know-how in automation tools like UiPath, PowerShell and Machine Learning. We differ from our competitors in that we’re not hung up on using a particular tool for a particular job – we look at your automation needs and supply a solution that works.
To support efficient data processing, we supply our partners with a data assessment and conversion tool. ACE is designed to strip out the operational costs associated with servicing clients and tackles their variety of data needs. This is achieved by building up client data dictionaries with the aim of returning file formats as per a specification.